Learning to live in alignment. Together, with you.

A resource rich process to gain experiential wisdom.

The artist within.

We know there’s an artist in everyone. This free email series will take you on a 12 week guided journey towards recovering your innate creativity. Following The Artist’s Way, a book by Julia Cameron.

Inner harmony.

This foundational aspect of aligned living will give you tools to develope coherence within your mind, body & soul, empowering you in the quest towards the co-creation of a more beautiful world.

Sacred commerce.

In this course, you will explore radical and organic modalities of exchange to determine your values. Shifting your focus away from “earning a living” toward entreprenuership as a path to sovereignty, abundance and regeneration. Built upon the fertile ground of fulfilling your unique purpose.

Regenerative systems.

From design science to natural building methods and off grid living, here you will learn the core aspects of permaculture and circular systems. Stepping into your rightful role as an Earth steward, building healthy interdependent relationships with the natural world and your local community.