Wabi sabi garden guesthouse.

A sensory experience, with light & organic texture at play.

This is a unique 2 bedroom guesthouse located in Villas Tulum, showcasing the down-to-earth local side of town. Here we celebrate the Japanese philosophy of Wabi Sabi that discovers beauty in imperfection. In appreciation of the transition of natural cycles and process in motion, this cozy home continues to evolve with time, acknowledging that nothing is ever truly complete.

Our tropical garden welcomes you on the way in, still quietly holding the vibrations of the jungle here. An introduction to a permaculture lifestyle, when you stay with us, you are choosing a more conscious way to visit Tulum. Your home away from home features a compost system, recycling, passive cooling, a passive solar water heater and many upcycled and handmade design elements. Nature lovers can easily spend hours in our hammock observing the birds, frogs and lizards playing under sparkling sunlight, then be absorbed into a powerful nap. The pinnacle of luxury, in our opinion.

  • High speed internet
  • Wabi sabi minimalist interior design
  • A beautiful tropical garden with hammock & fire pit
  • 2 extra large king hotel beds dressed in luxurious organic linen sheets
  • A custom sofa and bench that converts to a double bed
  • Equipped kitchenette with staples including: filtered water, coffee, tea, cacao, vanilla, cinnamon, honey, oils, vinagre, salt, pepper, spices, pasta, rice, legumes, granola, popcorn, dried chiles and a special welcome treat
  • 6-8 person dining table
  • Extra large, 2m tall, 30cm rain shower
  • Organic cotton Turkish towels
  • 2 bicycles with locks and baskets
  • 2 yoga mats
  • Small weights & resistance equipment
  • Bluetooth speaker
  • USB ports in bedrooms and lounge
  • Universal socket in bathroom
  • Private parking
  • Washing machine & dry line

Conveniently located behind the Super Aki grocery store at the main intersection of town, leading down to the beach. We are a 15 min bike ride to the beach and a 5 min bike ride to the center of town. With Mexicans and expats as our neighbors, public parks & neighborhood tienditas within walking distance.

Getting around.

Enjoy two complimentary bikes and a parking spot right out front. Many restaurants and shops are in walking distance. If you require a taxi or private driver, don’t hesitate to ask us for a referral.


This home is an ongoing effort of transformation and we have plans to include a rooftop vegetable garden, a rain harvesting system, grey water recycling, on site water filtration and solar energy as the project evolves. While we have chosen to opt out of air conditioning, we have designed the space with passive and low energy cooling that keeps the home very comfortable, including: ceiling fans, a center vent, open air breeze block windows and trees sheltering the house from south eastern sun.


Tulum is a place to feel the night and interact with wildness in all forms. Our window shutters feature sound absorbing materials to dampen the city sounds. But with the windows opened for airflow, expect to hear loud music coming from Avenida Coba, which sits right behind the house, as well as neighborhood dogs barking or the whistling of the many local vendors selling fruits, popsicles, fresh corn and pastries. Regardless, awaken to the enchanting sound of birds nesting in our ficus trees.

Other things to note.

Tulum is a part of a fragile and important ecosystem. We kindly ask that you are conscious about the waste and impact you are creating while visiting. Please avoid plastics & packaging wherever possible. We provide reusable grocery bags and glass food containers for your convenience. It is imperative if you use sunscreen that it be reef safe as we are host to the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef. We also encourage you to participate in cultural experiences from the Maya community.

Design brief.

“Start where you are, use what you have, do what you can.” – Arthur Ashe

Create a comfortable weekend home.
Open an income stream to support our projects.


Honor the trees that live here.
An ode to organic textures.
Invoke a sense of calm and comfort.
Make the small spaces more efficient.
Only buy what we don’t have & can’t make.


Wabi sabi teaches us a slow practice in positive change, to leave something better than we found it and introduce more beauty to our surroundings. When we started this project, this place was an abandoned workshop, then a landing pad for many friends and has sheltered us through difficult times. We have spent our weekends for the past 3 years transforming the space and much has been made with our own hands, from kitchen tiles to furniture. While we have now moved to the jungle to focus on creating a self sufficient lifestyle, we come back to enjoy the home often and have plans to consistently make improvements, one small project at a time. We learn from the cracks created in Tulum’s unplanned development and have decided to fill the cracks with the gold of design & permaculture. We still believe this is paradise and worth the effort to make a change. We hope you keep returning over the years to experience the transformation first hand.

Designed with comfort, beauty & flow in mind. Enjoy custom furnishings made from fine hardwoods, upcycled metals & artisanal pieces found across the Yucatan.

The lounge.

Kick up your feet and have your back cradled in curves while you work. Showered in sunshine from a skylight above. And easily powered up with a socket and USB ports by your side.

Our custom couch features a no waste design and converts to a double bed for your overnight guests.

Enjoy playing music? The guesthouse includes a rotation of acoustic guitars and ukuleles for your jam sesh.

In the early morning hours a little stretch can be divine. Our mini gym includes 2 yoga mats, two 6lbs free weights, a 5kg kettle bell, resistance bands, lymphatic drainage roller & a full length mirror.

A sound bowl to get in tune before your yoga practice, of course.

The bedrooms.

Our cozy bedrooms are made up of buttery textures and have just enough space for the essentials. Like an extra large cloud to sleep on, dressed in organic linens. The rest will be heavenly.

Small details like our stone, brass & wood coasters are available to take home with you upon request. Experienced here accompanying each bedside table.

Our rooms are mirrors of one another, ideal for two couples traveling together. The only coin that needs to be tossed: Who likes to sleep in? Because this western room is shaded from the morning sun.

Our organic linen sheets are made from European flax and sewn in house at our workshop in Felipe Carrillo Puerto. These sheets get softer and stronger with each wash. Cared for well, they will provide sleeping comfort for generations.

Light dances through the geometric blocks of this eastern facing window in the early morning hours. Just before you rise for the day, experience interactive breath work in bed as the sparkling light plays across your face. The western facing window begins to come alive with light in the afternoons.

Soft dreamy textures converge in every corner.

The bathroom.

We pamper our guests with the finest artisinal details. Our organic cotton Turkish towels are hand crafted by a family of artisans that has passed down the art for 150 years. While this intricate hand fan is woven by women in Oaxaca and complements the copper metals of our vanity sink. 

Enjoy your beauty routine with a well lit mirror that stretches all the way to the ceiling. Equipped with a universal socket.

Enjoy your beauty routine with a well lit mirror that stretches all the way to the ceiling. Equipped with a universal socket.

Did we mention our gigantic rain shower made of sleek black stone? After a long day of touring, stretch your arms to the heavens under a soothing stream of steaming water, heated courtesy of the sun.

Handmade details everywhere you look.

The kitchen.

We’ve managed to make a functional space out of our tiny kitchen. Like here, we’ve merged our drying racks with our storage, conveniently placed above our triple wide sink. Everything pretty in its place.

For those that like to eat at home, we’ve got you covered on the basics like oils and seasonings. And we’ve got some decent tools too.

Go ahead, throw a little dinner party.

The dining room.

Our custom dining set is made from fell wood and scrap metal. Comfortably seating 6 for a plated dinner, but can squeeze 8 if needed. Dim the lights to set the mood.

Share a mezcal toast with our clay vessels made by Emilio Espadas, one of the last traditional clay makers of the Yucatán. And keep the tunes flowing with this little powerhouse known as Emberton, from the Marshall family.